Internet for K-12 - Opportunities

Frank's K-12 powerpoint presentation
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Frank's Chamber Banquet powerpoint presentation
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Frank's Chamber Banquet Web Tour
Frank's Clyde Action Initiatives with 3 mini-courses

New report from U.S. Department of Education
E-Learning: Putting a World-Class Education at the Fingertips of All Children

New report from the Web-based Education Commission
The Power of the Internet for Learning: Moving from Promise to Practice

Managing Educational Change: The
Concerns-based Adoption Model (CBAM) in

The "Stages of Concern" From The Concerns-Based Adoption Model (CBAM)

Teacher Professional Development

Teachers' Internet Use Guide

A Model Online Survey

National Teacher Technology Core training materials

Mat-Su district, 16+ online courses

Galena IDEA "Interior/International Distance Education for Alaska "

Two Major New K12 Portals:

National Center for Technology Planning   Scroll slowly to bottom of page!
Dr. Larry S. Anderson, Founder/ 662/325--7253 (university office)


Clyde Educational Presentation Web Tour:

Filamentality Five Formats


Web N Flow 

Motivation Online

American Revolution

American Revolution Webquest

Webquest Slideshow

Webquest Home Page w Tutorials

Webquest Template

Dog Sled

Adult Literacy

Instructional Web Authoring Sites

Virtual Architecture Telecomputing Models

Fun Home Page


NY Times Learning

Alaskan Elec. Portfolios

A+ locator Create your own quizzes.

Art Tablet      Art software "Painter 5"

Sony CD-1000 digital camera    WebWhacker


Lone Eagle K-12 Resources
( From "Common Ground - A Cross-cultural Self-directed Learner's Internet Guide" )

Internet Style of Learning Essay - pages 32-34

K-12 Tech. Planning and Essential (Issues) Resources - pages 123-127

Essay on Collaborative Capacity-building, Webquest, Thinkquest - page 61

Gearing Up with Free Web Tools

Web Authoring and Instructional authoring - pages 41-48

K12 Topical Web Tours (15 Tours) - pages 127-133

Project-based Learning directories - page 59

Cultural projects - page 68-74

Internet Training Resources - page 121

Online Courses for teachers - pages 82-87

K-100 BEST Curriculum Resources - pages 130-140
School and Community Internet Collaborative Services
Curriculum Integration Resources
State and Multi-state Curriculum Standards
Lesson Plans Archives
Online K-100 Courses
Homeschooling Resources

Innovation Diffusion Essay - pages 102-106

          Building Learning Communities: Articles and Resources - page 86