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           Lone Eagle Consulting’s Existing "People-Ready"
Broadband Entrepreneurship and Digital Literacy Curriculum



Specializing in fast-track online Internet training for rural, remote, at-risk, and indigenous learners, since 1997;
Lone Eagle Consulting's current emphasis is on designing local, regional, state, and national broadband awareness and adoption campaigns, specifically for vulnerable populations.

Extensive “People-Ready” curriculum has been developed by Lone Eagle Consulting and is online and available without restriction. Since 1988, prior to becoming Lone Eagle Consulting, all curriculums have focused on gathering and disseminating the best of the best web resources with the following online courses serving as a brokerage of the highest quality resources. Additional Links are available at http://lone-eagles.com/expertise.htm or by request. The Lone Eagle Website has an internal Google search engine.

       Lone Eagle's Online Courses dedicated to showcasing the "Promise of Broadband" for
         creating sustainable rural and Native American communities;
and Alaskan Native Villages, cultures, families, and entrepreneurs of all ages!

EDUC 58073 Social Media for Educators
Offered by the Alaska Staff Development Network and Alaska Pacific University.

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Non-Credit - Teaching Effectively Online

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Non-Credit - 21st Century Workforce Readiness

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21st Century Learn, Earn, and Serve Academy

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A companion curriculum for students to the course for educators immediately above. This customizable free short course can be used to teach anyone - quickly - how to create their own electronic portfolio and social media presence, and how to create and host their own instructional video captures posted on their own Youtube channel. Originally designed for Alaska Native and Native American HS drop outs, as a Rogue Scholars program.

This 21st Century Workforce Readiness online course integrates digital literacy, broadband entrepreneurship, global citizenship, and civic engagement through community service, with careful attention to the unique needs and interests of all participants. Using Web 2.0 social media tools in a mastery learning format, career explorations and resources are presented with emphasis on emerging Internet employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. The Academy introduces financial, business, media, information, and entrepreneurship literacies in a global citizenship context. Designed for youth not-in-school, participants will create an electronic resume on which they will quickly begin posting new media innovations created in each lesson, such as instructional videos they created for peers, Ecommerce websites created for local businesses, and new media reflecting knowledge of the latest social media tools and best practices. This course was originally created for Alaskan Native Youth not-in-school but is intended to be adaptable for any specific vulnerable population. Created in 2009, for the Alaska Department of Labor, major updates are planned for 2011.  

EDUC 59701 - Making the Best Use of Internet for K12 Instruction
Offered as a recommended first online course for K12 educators, administrators, and homeschooling parents,
by Lone Eagle Consulting via the Alaska Staff Development Network and Alaska Pacific University.
All lessons are online without restriction
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Review the following listing of final projects created by hundreds of rural teachers in this class: 

For questions please contact Instructor 

Frank Odasz;  Email: frank@lone-eagles.com   Cell: 406 925 2519

If you have registration questions please contact:

Troy  Choquette, Program Coordinator
Alaska Staff Development Network
Phone: 907.364.3809
Email: asdn@ptialaska.net

Or Contact Kathy Blanc
PH: 907 364 3801
email: kathyblanc@gmail.com

Self-Directed Digital Literacy Training and Resource Guides for All Learners.   (Some are available in print and/or downloadable for reprinting)

Basic Computer Skills: A First Lesson

An Introduction to Online auctions (Like Ebay)

Essential Ecommerce Internet Skills

A Beginner’s Guide to Profiting from the Internet
[Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies]


Alaskan Native version

Common Ground, A Cross-cultural Self-directed Learner’s Internet Guide
141 pages, the resource handbook course listed above; suitable for all learners; “Making the Best Use of Internet For K12 Instruction,”

Echoes in the Electronic Wind; A Native American/Alaskan Native Cross-cultural Internet

166 pages Same as “Common Ground” with the addition of 22 pages of Native education links.

Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies

http://lone-eagles.com/eguide.htm   220 pages A comprehensive guide for rural leaders.

Lone Eagle Online Resources
(the motherlode)

Community Training Resources

The Good Neighbor’s Guide to Community Networking

Simple Community Digital Literacy Event Models

Creating People-Centered Community Knowledge Networks
http://lone-eagles.com/smart.htm Dozens of original articles and resources.

Community Networking Resources

State-Level  Digital Inclusion Strategies
http://lone-eagles.com/montana.htm http://lone-eagles.com/montana-strategy.htm
Drafted for Montanan public computing centers.

The Center for Sustainable Families Proposal

Social Media Training Resources:

Lone Eagle Youtube Channel (Ecommerce and Telework success stories)


Lone Eagle Wiki of Web 2.0 Resources for K12 Educators

Lone Eagle Blog

The FCC Lone Eagle Broadband Training Best Practices Web Site

U.S. Federal Communications Commission's Native American Division has posted broadband training best practices http://lone-eagles.com/best.htm on their www.fcc.gov/indians site (listed as Examples of Broadband Training Best Practices) in their Internet Resources listing: http://www.fcc.gov/indians/internetresources/     The new FCC chairman, Julius Genachowski, has asked those with big ideas to please speak up. We can expect to see a lot of innovation related to Broadband and Social Media.

For All American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes; 
A Web-Raising Template Proposal with Extensive free online resources    Create Free Ecommerce websites for all tribal and individual businesses    
Click through the Online Web Tour: http://lone-eagles.com/web-raising.htm     

Contact: Frank Odasz, Lone Eagle Consulting
               Email: frank at lone-eagles.com
               Web: http://lone-eagles.com   
               Latest Update: http://lone-eagles.com/expertise.htm 

               PH: 406 683 6270
               Cell: 406 925 2519