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The Lone Eagle Broadband Training Best Practices Clearinghouse

 Last updated:
March 6, 2012

Send best practices to share to frank@lone-eagles.com

Lending Wings to Others – All resources are to be shared without restriction.

Most recent Lone Eagle Update:  http://lone-eagles.com/expertise.htm 

I think you'll agree, best practices and "What Matters Most" are relative to what YOUR priorities are.

Lone Eagle Consulting is dedicated to making a difference through online education. Most of what you'll find here was created without payment and it is all offered without restriction. Lone Eagle's reputation over the last 25 years has been honorable and productive as the update (above) demonstrates. Lone Eagle has created hundreds of instructional resources. The Lone Eagle Web site has a custom Google Search engine.  
Email: frank@lone-eagles.com   Inquiries Welcome: PH: 406 683 6270 

Honor comes from making a positive difference in the lives of others. Lone Eagle has created exciting new ways to engage Native American and Alaskan Native youth in helping their communities and learning to make the living they want, living wherever they want.

        Fall 2011, Three New Online Courses dedicated to showcasing the "Promise of Broadband" for
        creating sustainable Alaskan Native Villages, cultures, families, and entrepreneurs of all ages!
        Offered by the Alaska Staff Development Network and Alaska Pacific University!

EDUC 58074 21st Century Workforce Readiness, Fall '11

EDUC 58073 Social Media for Educators, Fall '11

EDUC 58075 Teaching Effectively Online, Fall '11
For questions please contact the Instructor who has been
teaching educators and librarians since 1988. More at http://lone-eagles.com/teachercreated.htm

Frank Odasz;  Email: frank@lone-eagles.com   Cell: 406 9225 2519

Native Community Engagement Grant Templates: 
Offered without restriction: http://lone-eagles.com/rural-grant-templates.htm

Ten years of unique community inclusion grant models with measurable outcomes.

Homesteading the Electronic Frontier in Montana

Lone Eagle Recommendations to NTIA/BTOP and USDA/RUS Rural Broadband Stimulus Guidelines

America’s Historic Challenge to Fund Mass Innovation
       without the risks of political backlash due to lack of documented results
 Online at http://lone-eagles.com/getitright.htm
       Formatted Word doc:
Public Input on NTIA/BTOP and USDA/RUS grant guidelines and accountability,
       Emailed April 13th, 2009 to btop@ntia.doc.gov 

Recommending the Office of Broadband Best Practices for Sustainable Families


1. Preserve the wisdom and stories of your elders via multimedia while they are still with us. How?
    Ask the youth to use their digital skills. One easy way is Flipalbums: A tutorial: http://lone-eagles.com/flipalbumtutorial.htm

    View the four minute video demo of an Elder's Flipalbum at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huWWzNz0ePM

2. Create free Ecommerce websites for all tribal and individual businesses. Tutorial: http://lone-eagles.com/tutorial.htm
   Proposal for a Train-the-Trainers Web-Raising Event
   Click through the Online Web Tour:

   See short videos of web-raisings at http://www.youtube.com/fodasz
    See web sites from web-raisings at http://lone-eagles.com/ecommerce-successes.htm 

3. The 21st Century Learn, Earn, and Serve Academy - for all those "at-risk"
http://lone-eagles.com/workforce101.htm  - All lessons and media are open to the public. Resources include a blog, a wiki, and a youtube channel. We are using Google Groups for the private interaction for the class while showcasing the best integrated Google tools so youth can teach the course to others, and/or create their own Instructional Entrepreneurship businesses.    

The BIG opportunity is to identify broadband training best practices so Alaskan Native villages and all Native communities, with broadband can be revitalized. Currently, even those villages with BB are suffering serious out-migration. This Lone Eagle Train-the-trainers program was developed for Alaskan Native youth on state-of-the-art broadband entrepreneurship. By learning these social media tools you and yours can reach more tribal members online that through any of your other methods, at less cost, and in the short term.
he lessons are online without restriction, free to all.

The social media trend has become suddenly necessary to understand. http://lone-eagles.com/social-media-trends.htm

Think About Your First Digital Generation, the Seventh Generation - They Are Ready to Lead.

Now that anyone, anywhere, anytime can share resources and mentor others online, anywhere, anytime, it would be common sense to all work together to share that new knowledge which can best support the sustainability of Native cultures, communities, families, and individuals, worldwide. Skills and wisdom can be offered online for free, or as appropriate, as for-profit online courses, webinars, oral histories, and other exciting ways of teaching. It is of immediate and vital importance to use multimedia to capture the stories and wisdom of elders to share with all future generation. Free software and training is available – and youth as the first digital generation can easily learn how to do this, and much more.

Anyone with access to an Internet connection can learn how they can do this, too.

This site has created the opportunity to gather and share the best bottom-up innovations from those who were among the first to innovate with local capacity-building using the Internet. If we all share what we know works best, we will all have access to all our knowledge.

Wisdom can be shared without losing it, and looking at current world conditions,
we need to share as much Native American wisdom as possible.

If we all share what we know, we'll all have access to all our wisdom.

Everyone can become an online teacher. The world needs your voice!

Everyone both learner and teacher, consumer and producer, all the time.

Start Here: 

A Tribal Leaders Leadership Guide

Native Youth Digital Indianpreneurship

Creating a Cultural Shift Toward Sustainable Sovereignty:

AIHEC Tribal College Recommendations for Innovative Community Education Programs

For Individuals seeking to understand Broadband Entrepreneurship:  I created a first online course for rural adults who have never taken an online course
"A Beginner's Guide to Profiting from the Internet." http://lone-eagles.com/ecom.htm   Alaskan Native Version: http://lone-eagles.com/akecom.htm With copious online mentoring and encouragement it is intended as a primarily self-directed hands-on exploration of many of the best existing resources by category. It is five years old. An update would include short videos, podcasts, and screencast presentations of specific web resources. I've been learning a lot of the newer social media distance learning techniques and am eager to put them to good use.


Echoes in the Electronic Wind; A Cross-culture Guide to the Internet

For Communities in association with the USDOL Ecommerce demonstration project, a locally driven five step process was offered for Ecommerce awareness and adoption.  http://lone-eagles.com/montana-choice-2005.htm    A short Smart Community Quiz with Model community websites is at http://lone-eagles.com/smart.htm


Host a Web-Raising workshop where all attendees create free ecommerce web pages were created in under 45 minutes? Tutorial at http://lone-eagles.com/tutorial.htm  Windows Live now offers free ecommerce web sites.  


Create cultural flipalbums with narrated digital photos of print photos from family scrapbooks, the tutorial at http://lone-eagles.com/flipalbumtutorial.htm   Very popular and fun to do.  More options are in my update link below, including my latest online graduate course for educators on social media basics. 


A two-day youth workshop for the Coeur d'Alene tribe as documented at http://lone-eagles.com/workshop.htm   Youth did web pages, flipalbums, editing videos created with web cams, and much more.  Note - youth learn ten times faster than adults so your workshop needs to be tailored to the audience.

A 200 page rural leadership guide was also created and printed:
Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies: http://lone-eagles.com/eguide.htm

For State and Tribal Communities of Communities: - Awareness Raising A simple start to a statewide broadband awareness program was recently proposed to both Alaskan and Montanan leaders http://lone-eagles.com/alaskan-innovations.htm  The core idea is to offer a free online course with three tracks - simple video overviews for adult leaders, classroom ready entrepreneurship curriculum for educators, and hands-on advanced self-directed lessons for youth. http://lone-eagles.com/alaskan-innovations.htm

Dillon Center of Broadband Excellence subtitled the Montana Center for Sustainable rural families.
A feasibility study proposal to identify broadband training best practices in partnership with Montana's Supercomputer.

Final proposal summary http://lone-eagles.com/excellence.htm

Near final draft http://lone-eagles.com/center-feasibility-study.htm

First long draft (includes articulated needs in detail) http://lone-eagles.com/dillon-center.htm

Priority Listing of Native Youth Entrepreneurship Resources

Native Youth E-entrepreneurship

Indigenous Internet Innovations

Free Online training resources

A Beginner's Guide to Profiting for the Internet ( Alaskan Native Version)

Echoes in the Electronic Wind; A Native American Cross-cultural Internet Guide
http://lone-eagles.com/nativeguide.htm  A resources handbook for the Internet style of learning.

The Indigenous Commission for Communications Technologies in the Americas

Online graduate courses for educators suitable for recertification

Here are a few examples of successes we all can learn from: (Please send us your success stories!)

The Rural Broadband Challenge: Use It - E-commerce success stories.
http://matr.net/article-32886.html Lone Eagle's published response to challenges as to whether rural broadband can produce jobs.

Lickitysplitchocolate.com A Navajo Youth Chocolate Ecommerce Success Story
Wanted: Broadband and Broader Minds (Frank Odasz Blog Interview) Daily Yonder Rural E-newsletter
http://www.dailyyonder.com/wanted-broadband-and-broader-minds  Rural Telework, Youth E-entrepreneurship, and rural broadband benefits. This  is worth a quick review.
n New Mexico, Navajo youth created http://lickitysplitchocolate.com/ and received 44,000 orders just last month, as an example of the level of success the Web can offer to good products and entrepreneurs with vision. More at Daily Yonder Rural E-newsletter Article: Wanted: Broadband and Broader Minds  http://www.dailyyonder.com/wanted-broadband-and-broader-minds 

Native American Jobs.com   In Wolfpoint, Montana, Mr. Trinder created www.nativeamericanjobs.com four years ago, he now averages $4000/month.

Alfalfa as Bunnyfood: SunRoadsFarmory.com  In Cutbank, Montana, Ron Ridesatthedoor sells alfalfa as bunny food www.sunroadsfarmory.com to supplement his farm income. He was elected commissioner of Glacier county and created his own wireless Internet business, too.

Fort Peck Community Ecommerce Incubator grant http://lone-eagles.com/fort-peck.htm , Fall 2007, local trainers taught youth how to create their own free ecommerce pages complete with affiliate programs with Amazon.com and Walmart which return commissions of 10-17% for items purchased online. See "Rez Bread" at http://snarf2000.tripod.com/ Web-raisings were held where attendees created free ecommerce sites in less than an hour using the tutorial at http://lone-eagles.com/tutorial.htm  Web-Raising events have been conducted in multiple communities and for MT's SBDC directors. Montanan Ecommerce Successes are listed at http://lone-eagles.com/ecommerce-successes.htm and at http://lone-eagles.com/montana-successes.htm


The level of benefits to tribal members for the promise of broadband (fast Internet) will depend on the quality of training and support they receive.  Since 1998, Lone Eagle Consulting has gathered and created extensive resources, online training, grant templates and more, all offered online without restriction. Resources listed by topic are at http://lone-eagles.com/future-proofing.htm and http://lone-eagles.com

Did you know that most communities with broadband access have never been shown what's possible for self-directed learning, home-based self-employment, and establishing a global voice expressing Native culture through multi-media?  The trends are that new web-based tools for creating your own online content, collaborating with others, and even making a living from anywhere, are becoming more and more powerful and are often free. 

Despite the jump in oil and food prices, real money can be saved by shopping online, making free phonecalls online, and many other common sense applications. One simple solution is to share what's working best across many tribal communities and to celebrate these bottom-up innovations as they emerge. Youth, our first digital generation, are way ahead of most adults, and can be invaluable helping the rest of us benefit from their digital skills and abilities. But, they need the wisdom of their elders to use these powerful new tools appropriately.

If you need help finding specific resources, you are invited to contact
Frank Odasz, Lone Eagle Consulting, Email: frank@lone-eagles.com
For biographical information and Lone Eagle resources across the web, go to http://searchme.com and search for “Frank Odasz” and “Native”    Frank’s published history is at http://lone-eagles.com/history.htm
PH: 406 683 6270

Fee-based consulting, multimedia presentations, custom online courses, and other services are indeed available.

This clearinghouse is currently unfunded and is provided through the social entrepreneurship of Lone Eagle Consulting. We welcome partners, contributors, and funding from those who recognize the need for creating and sharing these kinds of training resources.

The letter to Senator Tester expands on these common sense themes - with emphasis on rural and Native American Internet training.  http://lone-eagles.com/tester.htm

Quote: “
It will be what Native Americans learn to actually DO with broadband that will determine
             their level of global competitiveness and benefits.”


Highlights from the 2010 Lone Eagle Update http://lone-eagles.com/expertise.htm

The Alaskan Healthy Village Broadband Training Program for the 42 Alaskan Native villages
of the Tanana Chiefs Conference was co-authored with Fletcher Brown.

Alaskan Healthy Village Sustainable Broadband Program
Executive Summary http://lone-eagles.com/healthy-village-summary.htm

Healthy Village National Broadband Campaign

A Model for a National Native Network using State-of-the-Art Satellite Systems

Global Rural ICT conference in Tokyo, March 2008, Presented for a 21 nations:
The Global Rural ICT conference context is described at http://lone-eagles.com/tokyo-report.htm
The Lone Eagle formal 15 page whitepaper has MT and AK case studies: http://lone-eagles.com/social-engineering.htm
A short summary of the draft report advising global collaboration regarding rural telecenters best practices is http://lone-eagles.com/tokyo-summary.htm Final conference report http://lone-eagles.com/apecfinalreport.pdf

Health I.T, Rural Broadband, and Common Sense
Community Wellness and sustainable rural families and broadband entrepreneurship need to be integrated as "smart" community education programs. Immaculate Integration can lower costs and dramatically improve E-government services. Combining connectivity and caring with common sense to produce the authenticity of widespread citizen engagement is where the promise of broadband best meets specific rural needs.

The Rural Broadband Challenge: Use It - Alaskan Native Projects, Issues, and Opportunities
http://matr.net/article-32886.html Lone Eagle's published response to challenges as to whether rural broadband can produce jobs.

Wanted: Broadband and Broader Minds   (See the Navajo Youth Chocolate Ecommerce Success Story
http://www.dailyyonder.com/wanted-broadband-and-broader-minds  Rural Telework, Youth E-entrepreneurship, and rural broadband benefits.
(Frank Odasz Blog Interview) Daily Yonder Rural E-newsletter Article:

What's Broadband Done for You, Lately? A Primer on What IS Broadband.

First Nations ICT Summit, Feb. 18-22, 2009 in Vancouver BC  www.ictsummit.ca
The First Nations Technology Council site is www.fntc.info and is rich with resources. (BC First Nations have $30 million for BB and "capacity building/training"  which they are now plannig to define and operationalize. Ontario's KNET has $27 million for arctic satellite connectivity to remote villages.

Lone Eagle Presentation Title and Description
The History and Future of Grassroots ICT Socio-economic Capacity Building
President Obama's expertise with social media as demonstrated during his campaign will now be applied toward community service, civic participation, community education, and stimulating innovation at all levels in America. Rural broadband training innovations toward teaching global citizenship, global service learning, and opportunities for educating youth to create micromultinationals have already begun. This session will review lessons learned from the history of U.S. grassroots organizations for community technology centers, community networks and will address the latest trends in use of social media for measurable socio-economic capacity-building. Lone Eagle's published responses to challenges as to whether rural broadband can produce jobs: The Rural Broadband Challenge: Use It - E-commerce successes in rural Montana http://matr.net/article-32886.html Health I.T, Rural Broadband, and Common Sense http://lone-eagles.com/natoahealthodasz.pdf  Lone Eagle 2009 Update http://lone-eagles.com/update2009.htm

21st Century Citizen and Community Wellness Broadband Best Practices
http://lone-eagles.com/hit.htm This document is my input for Senator Baucus on health care reform and Health information technology policy - as related to wellness broadband applications.The links to the short articles on govt. use of social media and the longer Razorfish report on consumer social media indicate major opportunities for innovation, particularly with citizen service learning engagement.

Health Information Technology and Community Wellness Broadband Applications

An Info-Tech Wellness Strategy
for Healthy Alaskan Native and Native American Communities


The New Digital Citizenship Imperative:
Engage to Create Positive Change, Locally and Globally

Now that we can, we must!