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Lone Eagle Presentations and Workshops

Note: The following are offered through the Montana Choice demonstration project funded by the U.S. Department of Labor. Details available at http://lone-eagles.com/montana-choice.htm

Keynote and Workshop Presentation Descriptions
       The Lone Eagle presentations schedule and past events are listed at

Inquiries to Frank Odasz
PH: 406 683 6270
Email:  frank@lone-eagles.com   
Web site:  http://lone-eagles.com/

The following presentations and Hands-on Web-Raising Workshps are flexible - from 1-4 hours in length.

Making the Living You Want, Living Wherever You Want
            Learn about the Ecommerce and Telework Strategies developed by
                 the Montana Choice Demonstration Project (USDOL)
The Montana Choice customized employment project provides new choices for entry-level web-based self-employment training to individuals with disabilities and all rural citizens. The Internet has unleashed a global explosion of entrepreneurial creativity world wide. This presentation will directly address opportunities for rural Montanans. Resources and more information are at http://lone-eagles.com/future-proofing.htm
        After attending this presentation you’ll be armed with rich rural community Internet economic development resources, including community action plans, community grant templates, and step-by-step online lessons for generating local entry-level web-based self-employment and ecommerce opportunities.
       With the federal budget eliminating and/or dramatically reducing rural community development support funding, the questions that demand good answers are “What’s the best a rural community can do for itself leveraging local resources to support local economic development, ecommerce, and telework?”

Empowering Rural Entrepreneurs with Ecommerce Support Systems   The Internet has unleashed an explosion of entrepreneurial creativity worldwide. We have the opportunity to build on the best successes, as they continue to evolve, from global sources. Because rural entrepreneurs are limited by the size of the local consumer base, their level of success increasingly depends on their ability to market to the one billion consumers on the Internet, noting another six billion will be coming online over the next decade. This session will present online Ecommerce and Telework curriculum resulting from years of U.S. federal demonstration projects, including rural community action plans for raising local ecommerce awareness and strategies for generating local ecommerce support systems. New easy-to-learn, low-cost rural Ecommerce tools and techniques have dramatically enhanced what’s possible for rural Entrepreneurs. Preview Lone Eagle Resources at http://lone-eagles.com/future-proofing.htm  

An Executive Overview on the BEST Rural Broadband Applications   “Build it and they will come” has indeed proved to be a “field of dreams.” Rural communities with new broadband access are now dealing with the socio-cultural challenges of implementing the best possible applications. Building on lessons learned from the last ten years of community technology innovations in Canada and the U.S., this non-technical session for foundation, regional, and local program directors will discuss strategies for designing ideal programs for the next 10 years. We’ve learned that success has more to do with creating meaningful learning relationships than it does with focusing on technology. Future strategies will require genuine community buy-in, and new metrics for success such as peer-mediated skills transfer, citizen inclusion strategies, citizen-generated content, social, and entrepreneurial capacity-building, and effective methods for “content management” to keep multiple communities up to the same “instant of progress” in a world of accelerating change. Preview Lone Eagle Resources at http://lone-eagles.com/future-proofing.htm  

Creating an Entrepreneurial Culture in Alaskan Native Villages
Given the very best state-of-the-art satellite and wireless infrastructure, what’s the best scalable fast-track implementation program possible to kick start high-level social, economic, and cultural sustainability in struggling Alaskan Native villages? This session will present a project strategy to integrate effective online K12 learning for at-risk Native youth with youth ecommerce entrepreneurship, community Internet learning programs, and multigenerational cultural digital storytelling. Preview Lone Eagle Resources at http://lone-eagles.com/future-proofing.htm  

Join us for a Ecommerce Entrepreneurship Web-Raising!  All attendees will create a Free Ecommerce Web Site and Learn About Affiliate Programs, E-marketing, and new opportunities  Join us for a model “Web-Raising” which you can conduct in your community to grow the understanding for how anyone can get started with entry-level Ecommerce Entrepreneurship. (Computer lab with quality Internet access and at least one hour are required.)

Virtual Entrepreneurship; The Power of All of Us
As costs for communications technologies continue to drop and the technologies become smaller and more powerful, our opportunities to connect everyone, everywhere in meaningful collaborations gathering and sharing that new knowledge which creates new opportunities are increasing dramatically. 
        Questions arise as to which technologies and training can most quickly empower those most in need. The answers will continue to change as the technologies and best training methods evolve - which requires we all work together to keep us all up to the same instant of progress.  For the first time in human history, each of us will have the opportunity to learn, and teach, anything we wish  - online, and to become both learner and teacher, both consumer and producer, anywhere, anytime. The implications for educational reform are profound. Awareness is rising worldwide - that if we learn to share what we know, we'll all have access to all our knowledge.
        After this presentation youll be armed with rich self-directed learning resources including rural community Internet economic development resources, community action plans, community grant templates, and step-by-step online lessons for generating local entry-level web-based self-employment and ecommerce opportunities.

Learning to Learn and Learning to Earn
If you are a trainer or educator engaged in e-Learning, you have highly marketable skills.  Do you know how your skills can benefit you in the emerging e-Commerce, knowledge, and innovation economy? Do you know how to transition to a more entrepreneurial career as an instructional entrepreneur teaching online?   Do you know what work opportunities are available to your e-learned students and which skills you should emphasize to prepare them for the changing work environment? Frank Odasz was a pioneer in e-Learning and now leads the way in community e-Commerce initiatives. In this session, he will describe his journey from an academic world of teaching to the entrepreneurial world of consulting and instructional entrepreneurship.

Presenter Biography:
Frank Odasz is President and CEO of Lone Eagle Consulting ( www.lone-eagles.com ) in Dillon, Montana. After serving twelve years as Assistant Professor of Computer Education at Western Montana College in Dillon, Montana, Frank became an independent instructional entrepreneur. Specializing in fast-track Internet training for rural, remote, and indigenous learners for the last 20 years, Frank has traveled over half a million miles presenting at national and international conferences on on-line learning, community networking, and rural e-Commerce. Frank has diverse experience working with Alaskan villages and rural communities. His work has been recognized for excellence by the U.S. White House, in four Congressional reports, and in dozens of books and publications. Frank also teaches graduate on-line courses for educators for Alaska Pacific University and Seattle Pacific University and a non-credit e-Commerce course for Idaho State University.

Presentation Title: Future-Proofing Our Rural Communities
Alternate Title: People-Centered Knowledge Networks for Workforce Training

The “Montana Choice” customized employment project is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Disability Employment Policy to provide new choices for entry-level web-based self-employment training to individuals with disabilities and all rural citizens. The “Montana Choice” project is providing online train-the-trainer ecommerce and telework lessons as a first online learning experience providing a hands-on overview of “what’s working for others like you.” (Online lessons are at http://lone-eagles.com/ecom.htm)  

Promising practices will be shared for developing rural leadership strategies to initiate widespread community skills transfer to create learning communities using peer mentoring programs. Our online Virtual One-Stop model demonstrates how people-centered community knowledge networks can streamline the flow of essential information helping everyone gain new skills while staying current on national rural innovations. 

In your community, what story would you like to tell about your most significant measurable outcomes regarding new skills imparted to a specific number of citizens, new self-employment businesses, new web sites for existing business, and a community telework skills registry to be co-marketed along with all local business websites?

Montana Choice Project Description

The Montana Choice Process


Creating People-Centered Community Knowledge Networks


Montana Choice Grant Summary:


Lone Eagle Self-employment Incubator


(Short Description)People-Centered Knowledge Networks for Workforce Training
The Montana Job Training Partnership has a new $3 million dollar
five-year demonstration project providing online Rural Ecommerce and Telework Training via One Stops. The project is funded by the US Department of Labor Office of Disability Employment Policy. An innovative component will be creating local low-cost community networks to grow local collaborative capacity and skills. Learn how open source content management systems can streamline the flow of essential information in your community and serve as the basis for online Internet entrepreneurship development.
Project Description:
Grant Summary:http://lone-eagles.com/MJTPChoiceProject.htm

Making the Living You Want Living Wherever You Want
(Rural Internet Solutions: Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies)
Learn what's working for others using the Internet for Rural Ecommerce to sell worldwide at http://lone-eagles.com/eguide.htm . Learn how telework jobs can be brought home to your community. Learn how several tribes won multi-million dollar telework contracts with the Federal Government.  One out of ten U.S. workers is a teleworker. The easiest entry-level Ecommerce opportunity is Ebay where over 150,000 people learned to work for themselves.Over $60 million is exchanged between buyers and sellers every day, and only 4% of the potential market has been tapped. Rural citizens have opportunities to learn what's working for others via a new online course "A Beginner's Guide to Profiting from the Internet." http://lone-eagles.com/ecom.htm   Rural Ecommerce Success stories and the successes from two years of local events and training workshops from Montpelier, Idaho can be reviewed at http://lone-eagles.com/connect-idaho.htm  

Rural Community Action Plans - How and Where to Begin
For community leaders and community-minded citizens we’ll share specific models for community action plans and grant templates concerning fast-track Internet awareness raising, citizen engagement events, efficient community Internet learning curriculum and Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies. The Ten First Steps plan, based on a major grant submitted to the U.S. Department of Community Technology Opportunities Program, will be shared and discussed. No previous computer experience is required. A preview of rural development resources: http://lone-eagles.com/ruralempowerment.htm
Sample resources: Community Action Plans and Grant Templates http://lone-eagles.com/village-sustainability.htm    Indigenous Internet Empowerment Resources http://lone-eagles.com/alaskan-resources.htm  Youth Entrepreneurship Resources http://lone-eagles.com/entrelinks.htm   See the models for engaging youth http://lone-eagles.com/capacity.htm  and http://lone-eagles.com/youth-technology.htm  

Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies
Learn what’s working for others using the Internet for Rural Ecommerce to sell worldwide. Learn about how Ebay has 150,000 people working fulltime as self-employed entrepreneurs. Learn how telework jobs can be brought home to your community. An online course “Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies” has been specifically created for rural adults as an easy way to see what’s already working for others. No previous computer experience is required.

Understanding Rural Community Ecommerce Opportunities
* This presentation is intended for elected community leaders, K12 adminstrators, and K12 educators.
In a world of accelerating change, learn how your community can ride the wave of change instead of being crushed by it. Ecommerce is steadily being recognized as a viable option to tap into global markets. Outsourcing jobs to India has certainly validated telework. The U.S. government has passed legislation to dramatically promote telework for federal employees. Learn about innovations that are working in other communities. Learn how to create a sustainable community technology center based on the new eBay Drop Off center model. Learn how to use a community network to share that specific new knowledge which creates new opportunities. Learn how to reverse youth outmigration and to utilize the digital talents of youth in growing local collaborative capacity. Community grant templates are available and include strategic action plans that require no outside funding.

Youth Ecommerce Education Models and Resources
For K12 Administrators, Educators, and Youth: Online Graduate courses for K12 educators will be shared along with extensive online curriculum and collected Internet resources. Existing community action plans created specifically for rural communities and community grant templates integrating youth ecommerce entrepreneurship and local economic development will be shared.. In many ways youth are the technology leaders of our rural communities. Youth are the future of our rural communities and we need short term strategies to stop the out-migration of our youth. It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes youth to sustain a community!
Sample resources: Youth Entrepreneurship Resources  http://lone-eagles.com/youth.htm  and   http://lone-eagles.com/entrelinks.htm A Sample Youth Entrepreneurship grant http://lone-eagles.com/our_community.htm Models for engaging youth: "Building Community Collaborative Capacity"  http://lone-eagles.com/capacity.htm "A Short Term Community Networking Demonstration Project "http://lone-eagles.com/inquiry.htm "  Sustainable Ecommerce Education Development Strategies" (A formal grant proposal)  http://lone-eagles.com/seeds.htm   Model Youth Technology Programs and Resources" http://lone-eagles.com/youth-technology.htm

Hands-on Introduction to the Online Ecommerce Class
This half-day workshop will walk you through the best resources and concepts of the first five lessons of the online class "A Beginner's Guide to Profiting from the Internet" http://lone-eagles.com/ecom.htm  You'll get comfortable with the mastery learning process and the format of the online lessons. We'll also cover Tricks and Tips for Using Search Engines Effectively and will each create a web page listing of great resources related to our specific interests that we've each gathered while practicing our new searching skills.

Echoes in the Electronic Wind: Realizing Cultural Sovereignty Through Internet Innovations
Learn about real opportunities for Alaskan Native, Native American, and other cultural communities worldwide for cultural, social and economic empowerment through Internet applications. Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies training resources will be shared. Preview Lone Eagle Online resources: http://lone-eagles.com/village-sustainability.htm  and http://lone-eagles.com/alaskan-resources.htm  and http://lone-eagles.com/nativeguide.htm  and http://lone-eagles.com/empowerment.htm  Last year, the presenter spent 7 weeks providing Internet educational training for K12 educators in Alaskan Native villages and presented on Indigenous Internet empowerment for the governments of Jamaica and Australia.

Tribal Leadership: Indigenous Community Action Plans - How and Where to Begin
We’ll share specific models for Native Community Action Plans, including grant templates concerning fast-track Internet awareness raising, citizen engagement events, efficient community Internet learning curriculum and Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies. Preview Lone Eagle online resources:  Tribal Leadership Empowerment Resources http://lone-eagles.com/empowerment.htm  and http://lone-eagles.com/alaskan-resources.htm  and http://lone-eagles.com/village-sustainability.htm

Native American Youth Technology Entrepreneurship Models and Resources
Existing grant templates, online curriculum, and extensive collected Internet resources will be shared along with existing community action plans created specifically for Native American and Alaskan Native communities. Youth are the future of our rural communities and we need short term strategies to stop the out-migration of our youth.

Optional Tribal additions: See http://smart.knet.ca/international/   for sample Tribal community networks.  See http://www.indianvillage.com/  for collaborative crafts marketing.  See the Lone Eagle Self-Employment Incubator at http://lone-eagles.oldcolo.com/  and the site's photogalleries with auto-slideshows for digital storytelling at http://lone-eagles.oldcolo.com/modules/gallery/    (Use the Internet explorer browser to view.)

The Internet as a Tool for Rural Vitality
Learn how rural individuals and communities are using the Internet as a powerful business tool. Now that Dillon has high-speed wireless Internet, what do we need to know about how to turn access into opportunity? This multimedia presentation is geared toward non-technical rural citizens and will focus on local and regional success stories. No previous computer or Internet experience is required. A presentation preview is available at: http://lone-eagles.com/dillon.htm http://lone-eagles.com/montpelier-story.htm http://lone-eagles.com/emalls.htm http://lone-eagles.com/academy.htm

Bringing Your Business Online
This half-day workshop is for existing or new businesses and will cover the hands-on basics for creating a web site for your business. We'll use the free easy web authoring tools at http://tripod.com/  Ron Doore's Sample site created in just four hours is at http://sunroadsfarmory.com/ Separate from the hands-on session we'll discuss why you'd want to have a web page and the increasingly advanced levels of Ecommerce that a basic web page begins to make possible in order to grow your business beyond the local market. This workshop will help you decide what you do and don't want to take the time to learn.

Ebay for Beginners
This full-day workshop is designed for those who have never used eBay but would like to learn. We'll help you register and become totally functional! Bring your bank account number if you'd like to register on ebay. If you have a digital camera and don't know how to use it or the software that came with it, you might tote that along too. If you have a laptop, bring it!  Individual entrepreneurs using eBay number 114 million, now too many to ignore, exchanging 28 billion in goods per year, with 430,000 persons self-employed full-time using eBay.

Creating an Ebay Drop Off Center
During this half-day workshop you'll learn how 1000 eBay Drop Off centers have been created across the country and what resources exist to help you get started! Learn about the latest trends and how you can stay current on your opportunities to build businesses related to eBay, eBay Drop Off centers, Ecommerce and much more! Current articles on eBay Drop Off Centers are posted on the homepage of the Lone Eagle Self-Employment Incubator at http://lone-eagles.oldcolo.com Additional Drop Off Center Resources are at: http://lone-eagles.com/margauction.htm

Community Grant-writing Basics
During this half-day workshop you'll learn the basics for grant-writing. How to find funding sources, how to find partners, how to learn what's worked for others. Resources to explore: http://lone-eagles.com/granthelp.htm  Many community, youth, and Native American grant templates already exist for your use.  Assistance is available to review your grant and to help you find funding sources.

General Information About Lone Eagle Multimedia Presentations

Multimedia presentations are a part of all my keynote and workshop presentations, with emphasis on helping non-technical persons get excited about the wonderful opportunities the Internet and new technologies offer them. I generally include digital storytelling and photography, demonstration of a digital art tablet, and demonstration of "offline browser" software that allows me to show many relevant web sites and Internet resources quickly, without the use of an Internet connection or any ‘World Wide Wait’ time. Liberal use of humor and real-life stories are used to minimize techo-anxiety and make the Internet benefits as tangible as possible.

All my presentations leave attendees with many specific training resources for self-directed learning at their leisure. Emphasis is on sharing the best-of-the-best Internet resources which deliver the highest level of benefits with the least amount of time invested. I regularly create customized handouts for each presentation listing resources specific to the special interests of the intended audience.

Workshop presentations are available in either a large group format, where I give an overview of what’s available for self-directed hands-on learning after the workshop, or I can present a hands-on workshop for smaller groups if desired.

Hands-on workshops are best for those still nervous around computers, noting that the amount of material covered is often far less than in a presentation format. Prior exchange on the software and technical specifics of the lab setting and desired learning outcomes will be required, along with validation of the skills attendees will bring to the workshop.

Customized workshops and keynote presentations are easily arranged, with high levels of specificity available, taken from a very broad background of presentation and resource experience.

Culturally appropriate workshops are a specialty, for Native Americans, Alaskan Natives, and Migrant educators, particularly.

International school workshops with emphasis on International project-based learning resources and curriculum are also available.

Rural Citizen Community-oriented workshops are available with emphasis on citizen engagement strategies for communities sponsoring community networking projects or community technology centers. Youth leadership themes are a favorite topic. Youth today  are the key change agents and technology leaders in all communities. Rural communities need to assist youth in identifying how to use Internet to work from the rural communities if these communities are to survive. See the Clyde, KS story listed at http://lone-eagles.com/new.htm

Follow-up Learning Opportunities

Online courses are available, and recommended, for follow-up learning after the workshop, available in both citizen and educator (college credit available) formats.

Printed Internet Guides are available as well. For details on both online courses and printed Internet Guides see http://lone-eagles.com/credit.htm

Experience and References

For the last ten years I’ve averaged between two and five keynotes and/or workshops per month for a wide range of national conferences and rural audiences.
References are available on request, or you can check the posted evaluations on over ten community workshops presented via the Kellogg Foundation’s MIRA project (Managing Information in Rural America) http://www.wkkf.org/

The MIRA community workshops for which I presented were held in Taos, New Mexico, Clarion, Pennsylvania, Jackson, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Athens, Ohio, and Volcano, Hawaii. Full day interactive workshops were help at each regional site for ten teams of ten (adults and youth) on Participatory Decision-Making, Community Networking Applications and Proposal-writing.

Hands-On Skill-Building Workshops

A Unique Community Internet Learning Workshop
for K12 Educators and Economic Developers

Rural communities today are facing many economic and social pressures. Thoughtful use of the Internet for education, community-building collaboration, and Ecommerce holds real potential. This one-day workshop will demonstrate specific skills, resources, and strategic action plans for educators and community developers.

Workshop Schedule

9am-10:30am   Introduction; What is the real potential of Internet: Self-directed Internet Learning, Internet’s three historical firsts for rural communities. Demonstrations of digital storytelling, digital art tablets, creating a three minute web page, and more.

10:30-10:45 Break

10:45-11:15am  Integrating classroom instruction with online instruction, project-based learning models, Webquests, and teachers’ Web-based tools and templates.

School and community networking synergies, community service and service learning, dealing with the dark side of the Internet for K12 and home Internet use.

11:15-12pm Community Internet Empowerment – the history of community networking; Awareness, Access, Ability, Applications. Community engagement activity models to create measurable outcomes, web-based content and mentoring programs, Grant-writing resources and templates.

12-1pm Lunch

1-2pm Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies – Learning what’s working for others.

2-2:30pm Trends – wireless, mobile, interconnected, implications for business at the speed of thought, K12 education, new forms of ongoing adult education

2:30-3pm Questions/Discussion.

Workshop Presenter: Frank Odasz, as Lone Eagle Consulting, specializes in fast track Internet training for remote, rural, and indigenous learners. Frank has been teaching teachers online for over 15 years and regularly presents on rural ecommerce and Internet empowerment – most recently in Alaska, Australia, and Jamaica.  Frank’s Resume is at http://lone-eagles.com/articles/frank.htm


General Hands-on workshop schedule

We'll be informal and will adjust to the needs and interests of those attending. 

9-9:30 Welcome, overview of MT Choice, discussion on individual skill development and business development goals of those attending

9:30-10:00 Effective use of search engines: Tips and Tricks. Creating our own web tours on specific topics (web pages.)

10-11am Creating simple web pages with text, images, and hyperlinks.

11-12 Overview of the Ten Lessons in the Online Course, Matching Mentors with  Mentees

12-1pm Lunch on your own (We’ll order in Pizza.) We'll show the Ebay Video.

1-2pm Exploring Self-employment business options hands-on using digital photography, digital art, digital music.

2-3pm Discussion on next steps for individual skills development planning. An introduction to advanced skills training opportunities.

 Please bring a friend! Everyone interested in more than welcome to both the Malta Presentation and the Hands-on Essential Ecommerce Skills workshop!

         The following rates are negotiable depending on the number
          of days per contract, and other special circumstances:

Conference Presentations and Workshops: $1500/day
There is no limit on the number of presentations per day or length of presentations.

Travel Days
: $500 per day spent traveling to/from an event
Important: All travel expenses will be in addition to the daily rates.

Work not requiring travel: $500/day

Frank Odasz
Lone Eagle Consulting
2200 Rebich Lane
Dillon, Montana 59725
PH: 406-683-6270
Email frank@lone-eagles.com
Web: http://lone-eagles.com/


Born in Cody, Wyoming, in 1952, Frank Odasz has been a carpenter, oil field roughneck, dude ranch manager, college professor and is now a "Lone Eagle"  an independent instructional entrepreneur living on a ranch eight miles southwest of Dillon, Montana. Modeling western individualism by pioneering the electronic frontier, Frank is living proof the Internet can be used to allow rural citizens to retain their cherished rural lifestyle. Lone Eagle Consulting champions the cause of creating more rural Lone Eagles able to live and work anywhere they choose. Frank served as a teacher educator for 13 years at Western Montana College of the University of Montana, in Dillon, MT.  From 1988 to 1998, he was director of the well-known Big Sky Telegraph network, providing online courses to rural teachers . All Frank’s resources, courses, articles,  and services are accessible at http://lone-eagles.com/ with key resource archive listings at http://lone-eagles.com/articles/articles.htm  
Academic Resume, history and biographies: http://lone-eagles.com/articles/frank.htm

Past Workshops and Presentations
Full Presentations History is at

Keynote Title: The Future of Rural Community Development -
                          Making the Living You Want, Living Wherever You Want.

Rural communities share the challenges of dealing with a shifting economic structure, raising awareness of the proven Ecommerce opportunities, and engaging as many citizens as possible in becoming motivated learners and innovators if the opportunities the Internet represents are to be realized. Barriers include limited, and slow, Internet access, anti-technology attitudes, and low literacy and motivation. The opportunities, however, are unprecedented and are very real. The survival and sustainability of our communities will require we learn to adapt, and quickly, or suffer the same fate at those communities of yesteryear that the railroads bypassed. 61% of all businesses now use the Web and the number is growing dramatically. Emphasis will be on what your community can do in the short term and with minimal budgets.

For 4-H Teen Technology Conference, June 13-15 in Moscow, Idaho

Keynote Title: Teen Leadership for Community Internet Awareness; Are You Ready?

Teens today are key technology leaders and technology change agents in all rural communities. Learn how you can use digital photography, art and music to motivate citizens to learn to use the Internet to:

- Become Self-directed Learners
- Self-publish Globally
- Improve their communities
- Create an online business

Online Ecommerce startup sites for teens will be presented along with many online resources for providing commnity Internet Training.

For Kathy Dundee, Texas School Boards Association, a three hour workshop presentation:

"Building Sustainable Learning Communities - Are You Ready?
Lessons Learned From 10 years of Community Networking"

School and community networking efforts are finding ongoing lifelong learning to be a bond that is becoming more and more home-based as Internet and PC’s become commonplace. This workshop will present the trends and opportunities that the Internet brings to us, while addressing both the advantages and disadvantages of both the traditional and online classrooms. Students will need to learn social skills both online and offline, if they are to become effective knowledge workers in the information age. We’ll all need to learn how to combine caring and connectivity with common sense. Today, everyone is both learner and teacher, all the time, as well as both consumer and producer.

As increasing home access to the Internet makes home-learning more and more viable, and as self-directed lifelong learning has become a necessity, school and community networking are merging around themes such as community education.

Three one-hour workshops presented for the Rural Workforce 2001 Conference Jan. 23, 2001.

Workshop I Title:
Best Practices for Rural Community Self-empowerment: Are You Ready?!

Description: It is what people do with the technological tools now available that will make the difference, not what the tools will do with us. This workshop will review the key successful strategies from other communities for community developers, citizen leaders, elected officials, and community educators. Emphasis will be on creating community awareness of what's now possible, motivating people to get involved, and short-term local realization of the benefits, all on a shoestring budget. Are You Ready?!

Workshop 2: TITLE:
Community Internet Training Strategies and Resources


Learn how digital storytelling, with digital photography, art and music can become a regular community event to showcase local youth and Ecommerce Internet innovations.

Learn how to create Internet awareness presentations and training programs that produce inspired, motivated self-directed learners by helping people overcome common fears of technology.

Learn how using the best free web tools and training resources on the Internet can help your community mine (produce gold from) its raw human potential.

Learn how to create local ongoing awareness of the best innovations generated by dozens of other rural communities on an ongoing basis.

Workshop 3: TITLE:
Creating Sustainable Community Technology Centers and
Ecommerce Incubators

As more and more communities experiment with creating community technology centers and Ecommerce business incubators, the lessons learned need to be shared as to what's working and what's already been proven to fail. Strategies for building on those who have come before us will be shared along with models yet to be tried. Funding sources and grantwriting tips will be shared along with sample grants. New wireless and satellite community Internet access options will be discussed along with key broadband and cost issues.

Two workshops for the 4-H Teen Technology Conference, June 13-15 in Moscow, Idaho

For Teen Tech Teams
Workshop I Title: Delivering Highly Motivating Community Internet Presentations

Description: This session will cover tips for youth presenters on how to deliver the most highly motivating multi-media Internet presentations for adult audiences. This session will include demonstrations on how to use digital photography, digital art, digital music, offline browsers and Digital storytelling. Tips on training adults in the use of Internet will include pointers to major collections of online training resources, including Ecommerce training resources.

For the General Teens Workshop
Workshop II Title: An Internet "Train-the-trainers" Workshop

Description: This workshop will showcase many online resources for those planning to be Internet trainers. An online "Train-the-Trainers" Self-directed Learner's Internet Guide will be presented along with a review of the highest levels of benefit the Internet offers for rural citizens. Many self-teaching resources will be shared along with rich listings of current online Internet training resources. A dozen low-cost, short-term youth-driven citizen engagement initiatives will be showcased. Demonstrations will include how to use digital photography, digital art, digital music, offline browsers and Digital storytelling.

Making the living you want, living wherever you want
A three hour Interactive Television presentation on use of Internet for Ecommerce and community development, presented for rural Idahoan communities under sponsorship by the University of South Idaho, held in Pocatello, Idaho, March 2001

Building Sustainable Learning Communities -
Combining Caring and Connectivity with Common Sense

Keynote for the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Science, September 30-Oct 4th, 2001, in Portland, Oregon.

Motivational Strategies for Digital Divide Self-empowerment
Missouri Community Networking Conference, Lake Oswego, MO, Spring 2000

Implications of New Satellite, Wireless and Mobile Technologies
Missouri Community Networking Conference, Lake Oswego, MO, Spring 2000

Building Learning Communities – Technology as a Tool
Idaho County Extension Annual Conference, Moscow, ID Winter 2000

Creating Sustainable Community Networks and Community Technology Centers
Rural Telecon Conference, Aspen, Colorado, Fall 2000

Executive Overview of Online Learning
For Alaska Staff Development Network School Administrators, Wasilla, Alaska 1999

Online Learning: Best Practices
Internet Society K12 conference ’99, San Jose, California

Preparing Youth for Internet use
Internet Society K12 conference ’99, San Jose, California

Internet Learning Tools
Internet Society K12 conference ’99, San Jose, California

Community Networking – Realities and Challenges,
Texas Infrastructure Fund Community Networking conference,
Austin, Texas, Winter 1999

Creating Effective Online Courses – the new frontier of learning
Presented 1998 for the U. S. Department of Commerce NTIA conference in Washington DC.

An Educator’s Primer on Community Networking – Network Synergies between Schools and Communities
Teled- Telecommunications in Education conf. 1998, Monterrey, Mexico

Everyone Both Learner and Teacher, All the Time.
U.S. Dept. of Education conference in Washington DC, 1998

Growing a Shared Community Vision: Challenges of Widespread Citizen Engagement
National Center for Supercomputing Applications, Urbana, Illinois, 1998

Everyone both learner and teacher, all the time.
ERIC Clearinghouse for Rural and Small Schools, Charleston, VA, Spring 2000

Embodying the Web, Information as Performance, Identify, Self and Community
The Getty Foundation, Santa Monica, CA, Spring 1998

          Community Networking Applications "How to get and use the tools."
          Rural Telecon Conference, Aspen, Colorado, Fall 1998

Customized K12 Internet Handbooks:  

A popular addition to the workshops has been distribution to attendees of my 140 page printed K12 Internet Guide with YOUR DISTRICT OR SCHOOL'S NAME on the cover. This is also the textbook for the first online graduate course! Printed preview copies available on request at no charge to you. Preview the online version at http://lone-eagles.com/guide.htm

       * 1-50 handbooks: $10 each plus $2 shipping, without customized cover
                                             $15 each plus $2 shipping, with customized cover

        * 50 + handbooks without  customized cover; $9 each plus $2 shipping
        * 50 + handbooks with customized cover; $12 each plus $2 shipping